Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I book a reading?
Appointments can be released at ANYTIME so before you do anything, head to There might be an appointment waiting for you right now. Otherwise, when appointments are released, we send alerts via Jackie’s mailing list and/or social media. From there, in the interest of fairness, we have a FIRST-COME, FIRST SERVED policy. Simply head to and follow the links. Choose your preferred appointment date and time. Pay your deposit and you’re in.
2Does Jackie do phone, Skype or email readings?
No. Not at present. Jackie only currently offers scheduled face to face readings. Things may change in the future and if they do, we will communicate this via Jackie’s mailing list.
3How much does it cost for a reading with Jackie?
For privacy reasons you will need to agree to the booking terms and conditions at before seeing any further reading details.
4Is there any other way to book a reading, or “jump the queue”? I need to see Jackie urgently.
No. Many people may feel they have an exceptional case or need to see Jackie urgently. Due to Jackie’s busy schedule and in the interest of fairness, Jackie DOES NOT offer any type of emergency readings. We have a strict FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED policy. This means that everyone has an equal chance of securing a reading with Jackie, no exceptions.
5What city does Jackie do her readings from?
Readings are currently in Melbourne, but the location can and does change. We will keep you up to date on any location change or upcoming special locations via Jackie’s mailing list and/or social media.
6Does Jackie offer group or party readings?
7Can I have a reading with more than one person?
No. Jackie only offers one-on-one readings. Having more than one person in the room with her can disrupt the energies she receives.
8How long will I need to wait for a reading?
With Jackie’s busy schedule, her reading availability can vary greatly. Some people have waited years to see Jackie, others have secured a reading within days. Joining Jackie’s mailing list and follow Jackie across her social media will give you the best chance of securing a reading. As Jackie would say, when the time is right, a reading will be yours.
9Can I record a reading?
No. Jackie does not allow any kind of recording during a reading. Paper and a pen is provided to take notes during readings.
10What if Jackie sees things I don’t want to know?
Jackie’s readings are uplifting and she will only give you positive messages from the other side, or promising messages that you need to hear. It can be confronting, but don’t be afraid – you’ll only hear the things you need to know. After readings, Jackie’s clients feel liberated, uplifted and energised.
11What happens to my deposit if I cancel my appointment?
Your deposit will be forfeited only if you cancel within 24 hours. Please refer to the booking terms and conditions and cancelation policy.
12How often should I have a reading?
Jackie recommends no more than ONE readings a year.
13How long does a reading with Jackie go for?
Readings go for 30 minutes.
14What kind of reading does Jackie do?
One-on-one, face-to-face psychic medium readings. Jackie does NOT use tarot cards or any other instruments.
15What do I need to bring to my reading?
Once your reading is confirmed you will be sent an email with instructions on what to bring.
16How do I find out when appointments become available?
We send alerts via Jackie’s mailing liast and social media when appointments become available, so for your best chance to secure a reading with Jackie is to sign up to the mailing list and follow Jackie across her social media.
17Is there a cancellation or waiting list I can join?
No. We do not have a cancelation or waiting list. The best way to secure a reading is to be sign up to Jackie’s mailing list and follow her across social media to be the first to know when appointment are released. We have a FIRST-IN, FIRST-SERVED policy. No exceptions.