Renowned psychic medium, reality TV star and personal development mentor.

Jackie’s courses, events and retreats help people become the most vibrant versions of themselves and create the life of their dreams.

You’ve spent your whole life serving others and wearing yourself out doing it.

It’s time to embrace a more upbeat, happy life that serves YOU.

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Here’s how Jackie can help you

Become the ultimate version of you


Jackie’s pinpoint accuracy when connecting people with their departed loved ones and spirit guides has changed many lives.


Jackie’s programs help people tap into what’s not serving them and take action to manifest a more fulfilling life.


Join Jackie in person for next-level personal growth and life transformation on one of her immersive retreats or events.

Manifestation Challenge

It’s time to live life on your own terms! Join Jackie’s 10-day manifestation challenge, designed to help you unlock your potential and transform your year with daily practices to keep you focused and motivated.


With lots of hand-holding, practical advice and a personal psychic medium reading with Jackie, learn how to find your purpose and attract a life of abundance and happiness.


Join Jackie in person for next-level personal growth and life transformation on one of her immersive retreats. It’s the ultimate luxury and self-empowerment experience. 

A note from Jackie

Hi, I’m Jackie.

I’ve been doing psychic medium readings for more than 20 years and during that time I realised one of the most powerful parts of connecting people with their loved ones and spirit guides is the empowerment they get from realising their life is in their own hands.

Their purpose, desires, and fulfilment all start within, and anything and everything is possible when they learn how to tune into their inner strength and power.

I help people tune into their intuition and inner wisdom with guided messages from spirit that will help them bring more good to themselves and their loved ones, and give back to keep that abundance flowing through their whole world!

If you’ve ever experienced self-doubt, discontentment with your life, or the desire to create something brighter and better in your world, you’re in the right place.

I’ll show you how to let go of what no longer serves you through your self-limiting beliefs, so you can live the amazing life you deserve!

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