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Psychic medium readings by Jackie

Embark on your personal enlightenment journey with Jackie Gillies, Australia’s #1 celebrity psychic medium.

Jackie’s profound gift enables her to see the past, present, and future, creating a bridge between you and your spiritual guides. Her sessions are transformative experiences that reconnect you with departed loved ones, offer guidance from spirits, and reveal the deeper truths of your life journey.

Jackie’s exceptional accuracy and empathetic approach have consistently left her clients feeling renewed, inspired, and more in tune with their path, making every session a memorable and uplifting encounter.

In response to the overwhelming demand for private sessions, Jackie now offers these intimate experiences exclusively to members of the TransformU Inner Circle. This select group is for individuals truly committed to personal growth and spiritual awakening. 

Joining the TransformU Inner Circle gives you access to a private reading with Jackie and also immerses you in a community of like-minded individuals and an in-depth study into Jackie’s key areas for personal growth. Along with the program learning, you’ll engage in enriching discussions, gain access to exclusive content, and enjoy priority invitations to special events designed to elevate your spiritual journey.

Spaces for private readings with Jackie Gillies are highly sought after and fill rapidly. Don’t miss this unique opportunity – join the TransformU waitlist today! 

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