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Jackie’s Manifestation Kickstart: 10 Days To Transform Your 2024

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Welcome to Day 1 of the Manifestation Kickstart. I’m so excited that you’re here!

In our 10 days together, you’ll learn how to set a strong foundation for an empowered and abundant year ahead.

2024 is going to be amazing!

Today’s lesson is all about setting your intentions and creating a blueprint of your dreams and goals for the next 12 months.

You’re going to get clear on exactly what you want because knowing those details is what turns a wish into a plan and unlocks the power of manifestation and abundance. ✨

xo Jackie

P.S. I’ve included a bonus guided meditation and affirmations to keep your vibration high. Listen to these every day and supercharge your manifestation process!

Day 1 audio:

Guided meditation for an abundant year:

Affirmations to keep your vibration high: