Rebecca, 42


"She is the real deal!"

My purpose to see Jackie was to re-connect with my dad. I am absolutely stoked about my reading. I can't believe how much I noted down in 30mins! I came out with 8 pages! My dad passed away 16th November 2014 and I've missed him dearly. On my way to seeing Jackie I was really concerned that he wouldn't come through, as dad didn't believe in any of this stuff. Talking to the dead was ridiculous to him!

I was happy to be told by Jackie that he was here & knows everything!   Which made me blush. Jackie asked "who's Robert?"... I said "oh he's an ex I caught up with a couple of days ago". Jackie said "I know, your dad told me and he saw you with Robert cuddling on couch"... as much as I blushed I teared up.

It gave me such comfort to know that my dad is still with me & always will be.   I have since done some research on my dad regarding his past & Jackie was accurate.

Jackie mentioned that my dad use to play cards from the age of 19 to 26 for money. Which I had no idea! I came along when dad was 47yrs. I confirmed with my oldest sister that he did!

Jackie picked up that I suffer from stress & anxiety which can get in the way of conveying of what I need to say & was recommended to meditate. Since, I've been meditating & saying affirmations. My confidence and work, and on a personal level, has developed.

I will definitely be seeing Jackie again! She is the real deal! Whilst my main focus was to reconnect with my dad, I feel I got so much more out of it. Little things have snuck in and made me re evaluate myself on a personal level as Jackie tapped into something that I didn't recognize in myself.

Thank you so much Jackie xxx. You have a beautiful soul & energy.  You live only your truth & thank you for the best reading ever!  Hope to see you again soon xxx