Michelle, 48


“Instantly made me feel relaxed and calm”

I cannot thank Jackie enough for my recent reading. Jackie instantly made me feel relaxed and calm, as I was nervous and star struck. Instantly Jackie mentioned a friend who had passed away and knew his name and that he had committed suicide. I was able to receive information and messages to his family. My mum, pop and auntie came through and told Jackie of conversations I had been having with my husband. I wasn’t… Read more »

Liz, 47


“Blown away at Jackie’s accuracy”

Thank you for such an authentic and powerful reading last week! I’m still blown away at Jackie’s accuracy with names of key people in my life, and was brought to tears when she named my beautiful new grandson (who’s only just 2weeks old!). All I can say is, Jackie obviously has a connection that enables her to get crystal clear messages that are so accurate and insightful.  She shares her insights to bring love and positivity and… Read more »

Simren, 26


“As soon as she started the reading, I knew she had a gift”

Firstly, meeting Jackie was great. She was very warm, friendly and down to earth. As soon as she started the reading I knew she had a gift. She picked up on personal information that I haven’t shared with anyone. She was able to provide not just information about people in my life but she knew their names, occupations, personality traits which I was blown away about. Jackie provides exact and specific details nothing vague

Read more »

Kate, 44


“Positive and enlightening experience”

I was so pleased and fortunate enough to have a reading with Jackie.  The room in which the reading was held was beautiful and had a positive vibe.  It also smelt amazing with all the beautiful candles that were burning. I was really meant to be there, there are so many things that fell into place at the time. I live in Queensland and had already booked flights to Melbourne months before I even had booked my reading. Lo and… Read more »