Maria, 42


"Jackie brought me back to life"

My first reading with Jackie was just after my marriage broke up. I was heartbroken, depressed and had no will to live. Her words of encouragement and messages from my mum and family members over time changed that for me. Jackie taught me how to change my thought patterns and how to manifest what I wanted. She taught me how to smile again and showed me my self-worth. She told me that I would find love again, which I have, and told me I would travel to America, which I did, she told me I would buy a new car, which I did, she told me to apply for the job I wanted because I was going to get it… and I did!!!! She told me many things that were going to happen which did. She is an amazing lady with a beautiful heart. In all honesty Jackie brought me back to life and for that alone I am eternally grateful for. Jackie is truly an Angel