Kate, 44


"Positive and enlightening experience"

I was so pleased and fortunate enough to have a reading with Jackie.  The room in which the reading was held was beautiful and had a positive vibe.  It also smelt amazing with all the beautiful candles that were burning. I was really meant to be there, there are so many things that fell into place at the time. I live in Queensland and had already booked flights to Melbourne months before I even had booked my reading. Lo and behold there was a booking with Jackie available the day I was due to arrive.  On the day our flight was delayed by over an hour and a half and I was beginning to worry I was going to miss the opportunity to have my reading with Jackie, but my angels were obviously with me and I got there just in time.

Jackie was accurate with many names, especially my Dad who had passed away. She also sensed my nervous energy straight off the bat and said my mind races a lot at night which is spot on.

Many of the things Jackie told me about my family and life were right on the money, I was blown away by some things she was telling me! Jackie also went into detail about a number of things that there was no way she could have known about prior.

Jackie advised at the start of the reading that through my angels she would tell me everything I wanted to know, and that at the end it was unlikely that I would need to ask any questions as she would have already answered them – so true she covered everything!

I was particularly stunned by Jackie in relation to my job, she named a particular person accurately who really has it in for me. She also named a suburb where a few of my girlfriends live and also particular personality traits of some too! Jackie was very specific in regards to my husband and children.

One thing Jackie said to me: your Dad is telling you that you are looking at your phone too often and missing out on what’s going on around you, and that I will drop my phone, which will be my Dad telling me I’m looking at it too much. I NEVER drop my phone, but sure enough that afternoon I dropped my phone!

Jackie also said my husband and I would learn some dancing before I turned 50, perhaps even salsa dancing. After I left the reading I walked to meet my husband and as I turned into this particular street there was a learn to salsa dance school right in front of me – freaky!!

Jackie said I should come back to see her in 2 years and tell her everything that has happened, looking forward to it already.  I found it such a positive and enlightening experience and for me it was well worth it.