Chris Boyce, 18


"Incredible and unique experience"

My reading with Jackie Gillies was an absolutely incredible and unique experience. Jackie has an amazing talent and the ability to instantly connect with her clients and help them including my self to help find my path and my journey to my life is something truly special. Over the last few months I have had some difficulties with some people in my life and Jackies words have assured me on how react to some people in my life by removing all

 the toxic and negative drainers out of my life. My reading with Jackie has taught me things that I did not even know about myself and Jackies words have given me the motivation to live everyday to the absolute fullest with no regrets and to take time to focus on myself and to find who I really am as an individual and think carefully about where I am heading on my journey in life with surrounding myself with the people who up lift my spirits and bring the best out of me. Thank you Jackie