Stephanie, 53


"I have been blessed to have her to turn to"

Wow, I don’t really know where to start to tell you how much I rely on Jackie for readings. Approximately 7 years ago I was looking for something to confirm that my decision to open my own business was the right one; I stumbled across Jackie at a local shop where she was working. As soon as I walked into the room I knew instantly that the Universe had sent her to me, I was just blown away with what she picked up on me in the first minute of being with her.

I remember she looked at me and said “what are you waiting for girl!,
whatever it is you are thinking of doing is the absolute thing you should be doing” – “stop worrying and just do it, you will be successful”. I was confident that I could do it but just getting the reassurance from Jackie was the most amazing experience for me.

Since then I have come to rely very heavily on Jackie for guidance, if I ever have any major decisions to make or even the smallest seed of doubt I always go and see Jackie! Over the years she has told me about staff that I had concerns with, but nobody else know what I was thinking, she told me about moving our office closer to the water and buying a property which at the time I must I admit I thought, I don’t think so – but guess what? Yep, 6 months later we purchased a property one street back from the water for our office!!!! She has told me people’s names who to trust and who not to trust!!! And she was right on the money!

She told me I would be buying cars, boats, expanding my business to Darwin, Melbourne and Brisbane. Well – we have now been operating in Darwin for 7 months and I am in discussions with operators to open branches in Melbourne and Brisbane – absolutely amazing.

Jackie has also given me readings on the clients I would be working with, what areas I should be concentrating on. She also told me about 2 years ago that I would be looking at franchising my business, and I can guarantee I had no intention of franchising my business, but we have just started another company which are looking at franchising or setting up distributorships for!

On a personal level, she has always been able to pick up things on my children, husband, extended family etc which, yep, it has happened. Jackie also gave me a lot of support and coping techniques when I suffered breast cancer, I was very strong and had the attitude ‘it isn’t going to get me’ and Jackie always made me feel great about my situation, I have been blessed to have her to turn to in so many areas of my life.

She has given me so much confidence and belief in my own ability and I can’t thank her enough for her wonderful readings and friendship that we have formed. She is like a business advisor to me and I have so much respect for her as a professional (I wish I could see her more regularly!!!!)

Jackie has watched me grow from a new business owner to where I am today – managing a multi-million dollar company which is continually growing.

Thank you Jackie – I love you.