Andrea, 49


"I would now describe myself as a believer"

Before my (first ever) psychic reading with Jackie,  I would have described myself as neither a believer nor a skeptic, rather as ’open’. However, following my reading I would now describe myself as a believer. It has to be said though that I think this is largely due to Jackie’s own specific skills, as I don’t imagine all psychics are as skilled and as accurate as she is.

When I arrived for my reading I didn’t tell Jackie anything about what I wanted to get out of the reading, rather Jackie only asked for my full name and then she proceeded to provided me with a session full of very accurate and helpful information, only occasionally asking me questions.

Jackie described a number of things that were very accurate about my life and was able to describe issues and situations that were quite specific. Additionally, she was able to tell me things that I had never shared with anyone else and that no one would know about. Jackie was also able to describe a number of things that I was considering doing in the coming year which she described in very specific and accurate detail. She was certainly tuned into what had occurred in my (and my family’s)  life in the past and was spot on with what was currently on my mind about the future.

I guess the take home for me from the session was firstly, that she validated her expertise by being able to accurately describe very private and personal things about my life and those around me,  which in turn validated my belief in her ability to describe what will occur in my future. This made all the difference, as I think if she had just told me about the future without being able to accurately tell me about things that had occurred – I may not have been so confident about her predictions for my future – which as it turned out, she was accurate about as well.

The reading really confirmed for me that the things I had been mulling over in my mind and considering, as well as the thoughts I’d had about embarking on new ventures, were all things I now feel confident about progressing with. The reading has bought me comfort and reassured me that the things I am considering doing, are the right things to do. She validated my feelings and plans for the future and I feel calm, focused and optimistic. Additionally, something’s I have been able to put to bed and move on from also. What I have described is only a tiny snapshot of what the session delivered and the written word will never do justice to the session as a whole.

It was the best thing I had done for myself in a long time.