Jackie’s Manifestation Kickstart


You’ve started having thoughts like ‘eek what’s happening… the year is disappearing already’ …don’t worry, I’ve got you… join me on my:

TransformU – Manifestation Kickstart: 
10 Days to Transform Your 2024

If you’re anything like me you’ve been having a holiday and haven’t been anywhere near ready to think about, let alone plan your 2024…

I’m here to tell you, that there still plenty of time to kickstart your 2024.

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What to expect from Jackie’s 10-day Manifestation Kickstart

Guided manifestation
10 days of guided manifestation tools to help you kickstart your 2024 with ease

Daily lessons
Direct from Jackie, where you learn how to manifest your dreams

Simple exercises
Simple to follow exercises that help you put your learnings into practice

Guided meditations
Jackie’s guided meditations to integrate everything you’ve learned and ensure maximum results

Is this manifestation kickstart right for me?
YES – if you have big dreams but struggle to realise them
YES – if you’re on your spiritual journey but haven’t mastered manifestation yet
YES – if you’ve heard about or even tried manifestation, but you still feel unable to really let go and believe
YES – if you’re struggling to trust in the process, your beliefs are still stuck in ‘hard work’ stories
YES – if you’re often stuck in negative thought patterns
YES – if you’re hopeful of new beginnings for 2024!