Jackie’s Manifestation Kickstart:

10 Days To Transform Your 2024

Hello beauties! You’ve done the hard bit by being here and committing to this challenge with me. I am so excited to go on this special journey with you. I know that if you’re here with me, it means you’re already on the path to have the best year of your life. So let’s do this! xo Jackie xx

TransformU will be back in 2024!

Jackie Gillies is one of Australia’s most sought-after celebrity Psychic Medium, life coach, mentor, and motivational speaker, with hundreds of thousands of devoted followers seeking her guidance.

Her sellout motivational tours and acclaimed book, Shine It Up, reflect her profound connection with audiences.

With lots of handholding and practical advice from Jackie Gillies, TransformU will teach you how to shape a life of abundance, happiness, and giving back.