Leandra, 29

Keilor East, Melbourne

"I feel so blessed to have experienced her gift"

My reading with Jackie was everything I hoped for and more! I’d watched Jackie's readings on #RHOMelbourne and I was captivated by her ability immediately, hoping that one day I would get the opportunity to sit with her myself. As life would have it, that rare opportunity presented itself and I jumped at the chance to see her. Jackie made me feel comfortable right from the get go. Her energy was calming and vibrant; she eased my nerves (more…)

Christine, 54


"Helped clarify my thinking"

My journey with Jackie started a few weeks prior to my reading. In my dreams I heard someone tell me "go see Jackie".  As soon as my reading started, Jackie acknowledged that my father who has passed sent me to see her, he was the voice I heard. The reading was a beautiful, uplifting experience, intimate details about myself, my family that were accurate and insightful. I was very nervous going there, Jackie (more…)

Chris Boyce, 18


"Incredible and unique experience"

My reading with Jackie Gillies was an absolutely incredible and unique experience. Jackie has an amazing talent and the ability to instantly connect with her clients and help them including my self to help find my path and my journey to my life is something truly special. Over the last few months I have had some difficulties with some people in my life and Jackies words have assured me on how react to some people in my life by removing all


Kali, 33


"If you are thinking about it, do it. It was honestly the best thing I have ever done"

I've never had a need to see a medium before, that was until my Dad passed away last year. When I saw Jackie I instantly felt relaxed and comfortable. She has such an amazing gift. The information she gave me and the people that came through during the reading just blew my mind away. I feel blessed to have been in her presence and so so thankful for her allowing me to connect with my dad.  (more…)

Michelle, 48


"Instantly made me feel relaxed and calm"

I cannot thank Jackie enough for my recent reading. Jackie instantly made me feel relaxed and calm, as I was nervous and star struck. Instantly Jackie mentioned a friend who had passed away and knew his name and that he had committed suicide. I was able to receive information and messages to his family. My mum, pop and auntie came through and told Jackie of conversations I had been having with my husband. I wasn't (more…)

Liz, 47


"Blown away at Jackie’s accuracy"

Thank you for such an authentic and powerful reading last week! I’m still blown away at Jackie’s accuracy with names of key people in my life, and was brought to tears when she named my beautiful new grandson (who’s only just 2weeks old!). All I can say is, Jackie obviously has a connection that enables her to get crystal clear messages that are so accurate and insightful.  She shares her insights to bring love and positivity and (more…)

Simren, 26


"As soon as she started the reading, I knew she had a gift"

Firstly, meeting Jackie was great. She was very warm, friendly and down to earth. As soon as she started the reading I knew she had a gift. She picked up on personal information that I haven't shared with anyone. She was able to provide not just information about people in my life but she knew their names, occupations, personality traits which I was blown away about. Jackie provides exact and specific details nothing vague (more…)

Kate, 44


"Positive and enlightening experience"

I was so pleased and fortunate enough to have a reading with Jackie.  The room in which the reading was held was beautiful and had a positive vibe.  It also smelt amazing with all the beautiful candles that were burning. I was really meant to be there, there are so many things that fell into place at the time. I live in Queensland and had already booked flights to Melbourne months before I even had booked my reading. Lo and (more…)

Jodi, 35


"My reading was amazing"

My reading was amazing. She knew things that no one else could know. I had never told anyone these things before. All my grandparents come into the reading who had passed away and she was able to name them all. Most amazing reading I have ever had. Her angels are truly amazing. Thank you, Jackie xxx (more…)

Benjamin, 18

Oakville, Sydney

"Unlike any other medium or clairvoyant"

Jackie Gillies has a presence, which is difficult to describe on a basic human level. Jackie’s aura is spine tingling and leaves you lost for words. Jackie is unlike any other medium or clairvoyant. I’m finding it difficult to explain my experience with Jackie. It was something that was emotionally tantalising. She was able to connect to ideas and emotions that no one else can. (more…)

Anna, 50


"A gifted and beautiful human"

Jackie is the personification of a sun ray!  Her positive energy flooded the room as soon as she entered.  It made me feel relaxed and safe.  Her reading not only instilled me with hope for the future, but also confirmed that my recently departed father is still a continuous loving presence in my life! Jackie is truly a gifted and beautiful human being, and I feel honoured and blessed to have met her! (more…)

Alexandra, 30


"I was transfixed"

It’s been a while since I’ve been as nervous as I was getting out of my car to go to my appointment with Jackie. I had no idea what to expect. I wasn’t sure if I believed in this psychic thing. I didn’t know what I was going to ask her, or what I hoped to find out. I just knew that I was doing this for a reason, even though I had no idea what that reason was. The next half hour was a complete whirlwind. I was transfixed from the (more…)

Mary, 43


"Nothing short of phenomenal"

Thank you very much to Jackie and her team for a wonderful reading experience, from booking through to follow up. Jackie’s gift is nothing short of phenomenal. My reading was amazing. Jackie’s reading space is welcoming and warm, as is Jackie herself; I felt instantly at ease (upon shaking my hand, Jackie immediately picked up that I was a bit nervous; my nerves quickly dissipated). From the very beginning of my reading, (more…)

Rebecca, 42


"She is the real deal!"

My purpose to see Jackie was to re-connect with my dad. I am absolutely stoked about my reading. I can't believe how much I noted down in 30mins! I came out with 8 pages! My dad passed away 16th November 2014 and I've missed him dearly. On my way to seeing Jackie I was really concerned that he wouldn't come through, as dad didn't believe in any of this stuff. Talking to the dead was ridiculous to him! (more…)

Cindy, 46


"Jackie, you are truly genuine and gifted"

Sometimes we are looking for answers, other times we need help to focus or for more clarity, perhaps peace of mind is needed… whatever the reason may be, a reading with Jackie may be able to provide you with the guidance you’re looking for. I have had readings previously by other people, some were a hit and others a miss… and Jackie is certainly a big hit! (more…)

Maria, 42


"Jackie brought me back to life"

My first reading with Jackie was just after my marriage broke up. I was heartbroken, depressed and had no will to live. Her words of encouragement and messages from my mum and family members over time changed that for me. Jackie taught me how to change my thought patterns and how to manifest what I wanted. She taught me how to smile again and showed me my self-worth. (more…)

Stephanie, 53


"I have been blessed to have her to turn to"

Wow, I don’t really know where to start to tell you how much I rely on Jackie for readings. Approximately 7 years ago I was looking for something to confirm that my decision to open my own business was the right one; I stumbled across Jackie at a local shop where she was working. As soon as I walked into the room I knew instantly that the Universe had sent her to me, I was just blown away with what she picked up on me in the first (more…)

Priscilla, 39


"I wish I could relive the experience again"

I couldn't be happier with my reading and guidance provided by Jackie. Passed family members and friends who came through were named and described accurately, which was amazing and instantly instilled in me the upmost confidence in her unique abilities. I wish I could relive the experience again. I walked away feeling enlightened, (more…)

Andrea, 49


"I would now describe myself as a believer"

Before my (first ever) psychic reading with Jackie,  I would have described myself as neither a believer nor a skeptic, rather as ’open’. However, following my reading I would now describe myself as a believer. It has to be said though that I think this is largely due to Jackie’s own specific skills, as I don’t imagine all psychics are as skilled and as accurate as she is. (more…)